Ahiflower® oil is a potent plant-based oil that provides a uniquely balanced daily omega and an unparalleled combination of omega 3,6,9 fatty acids, essential for health, vitality and wellness. Unlike fish and flax, Ahiflower contains GLA, an omega 6 associated with skin health, hormonal balance and supporting a healthy inflammatory response.

Consumers and practitioners wanting the health benefits of daily omega supplementation face a real dilemma: How to get sustainable vegetarian omega-3 benefits without taste/aroma challenges or sacrificing long-chain omega-3 conversion efficiency. Ahiflower completely resolves this dilemma! Did you know that it takes 60 fish to create a 1-month supply of fish oil supplements and only 50 sq. ft. of Ahiflower crop to create a 1-month supply of Ahiflower supplements? Ahiflower oil overcomes the need to take a marine-derived omega-3 oil—studies have shown that it has up-to 400% more EPA equivalence than flax, and that SDA is as effective as DHA in promoting anti-inflammatory response.

Further, Ahiflower oil has almost as much GLA as evening primrose oil—not found in fish, flax, or algal oils. And it tastes great. No other omega supplement satisfies real, street-level consumer and practitioner demand for improving omega nutrition from a fully eco-sustainable, traceable, and clean-tasting omega-rich oil that can be used in a variety of food-friendly formats that families, athletes, and seniors want. 

When your customers, their families, and friends take Ahiflower oil, your brand is showing that you care about their health and the health of our planet.