The branded ingredient AmentoPump™ from Genabolix is refined Amentoflavone by ethanol extraction from crude Selaginella tamariscina extract.
Amentoflavone is a chemical constituent existing in Selaginella, Ginkgo, Hinoki and Hypericum Perforatum.

In pharmaceutical industry, Amentoflavone has received most of its attention because of its anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties.
However, in the nutritional supplement industry, we will focus on its lesser known mechanisms, which are more relevant in the context of body building and athletic performance.

  • AmentoPump can enhance muscular contraction and increase strength.
  • AmentoPump is active in vasodilation.
  • AmentoPump can fight against anxiety and depression.
  • AmentoPump can inhibit fatty acid synthesis and promote lipolysis.