AstaREAL Astaxanthin

AstaReal is the world leader in the research & development and production of natural algae astaxanthin. Natural astaxanthin is a unique carotenoid with strong anti-inflammatory effects and synergies with other antioxidants. Clinical research shows that natural astaxanthin can help support and maintain:

AstaREAL® Astaxanthin has been the subject of more studies than any other brand.

AstaReal was the first company to commercially produce natural astaxanthin from the Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae. AstaReal created a unique indoor photo-bioreactor system that produces natural astaxanthin of higher quality and consistency than is possible with conventional algal cultivation techniques. AstaReal owns two production sites in Sweden and the USA which conform to the latest global safety and manufacturing standards.

AstaREAL Astaxanthin is available in a wide variety of forms for use in tablets, capsules, gel caps, powder sachets, and functional foods and beverages. Contact us to learn more about how AstaREAL Astaxanthin can help differentiate your product line.