BLIS M18™ is an advanced probiotic bacteria to use in conjunction with regular oral hygiene practices to establish a healthy balance of natural bacteria in the mouth, which helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums. BLIS M18 is a patented oral probiotic developed from S. salivarius, a common and beneficial group of oral bacteria that is safe and effective for children and adults.

Most probiotics work in the lower digestive tract; BLIS M18™ is different. BLIS M18works in the oral cavity, its natural habitat. With BLIS M18’s active colonization capabilities and its effects on the microbial environment, BLIS M18 helps promote a healthy microbial balance in the mouth.

In addition to its colonization capabilities in the oral cavity, BLIS M18™ has unique, natural enzyme producing abilities. Dextranase production may help digest dextran biofilms, whereas urease production may help support healthy oral pH. Only BLIS M18™ combines effective colonization ability with natural enzyme production to help support healthy teeth and gums. Ideal applications maintain contact with the teeth and gums, such as chewable tablets/lozenges, fast-melt tablets, chewing gum, etc.
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