Ceramides are lipids naturally present in the skin. When aging, ceramides content decreases. As a result, the skin gets dry and itchy with more visible wrinkles.
Ceramosides is a patented complex of phytoceramides and DGDG from wheat, guaranteed gluten free, that helps restore the ceramides content of the skin.

Two human clinical studies showed significant results in only 15 days with 30mg/day of Ceramosides™ Powder or 70mg/day of Ceramosides™ Oil.
It has been clinically proven that Ceramosides help improve skin moisturization and provide an exclusive anti-aging action with a significant improvement of skin elasticity and a reduction of wrinkles in only two weeks.

Ceramosides™ are a natural and consumer friendly ingredient. They contain no preservatives, no additives and come from non GMO European wheat. They are perfectly adapted to vegan consumers’ diet.

Last but not least, its potential is also on the large variety of accessible formulation options.

Ceramosides™ are the ultimate moisturizer, offering full body coverage, for a smooth and youthful skin!

  • Gluten free
  • No additives, no preservatives