CS b-Bioactive®

CS b-Bioactive® is the most thoroughly researched chondroitin sulfate on the market. Its efficacy and safety has been tested in 20 clinical studies and more than 5,000 patients.

  • Unique Molecular Properties
    CS b-Bioactive® production process ensures highly purified intact, consistent molecule with
    unique physico-chemical properties.
  • Better Absorption, Higher Biological Effects
    Comparative proteomic and in-vitro studies have demonstrated that CS b-Bioactive® is better
    absorbed and induces a more powerful anti-inflammatory and anabolic response,
    while some chondroitin molecules are less effective and even induce the activation of
    inflammatory and catabolic pathways.
  • No. 1 Researched Chondroitin
    – Tested in more than 20 clinical trials (5,000 patients) and in a total of 43 scientific studies.
    – Proven effective in osteoarthritis, psoriasis and other chronic inflammatory diseases.
    – Active ingredient of prescription drugs such as Condrosan®, Cartexan ® and Droglican®.
  • Highest Quality and Safety
    – Manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards.
    – Reference standard of EP & USP.
    – 100% traceable.

Dose: 800-1200 mg /day