EpiCor® is the only whole food fermentate proven to support gut and immune health for every season.

Digestive health: Published, peer-reviewed human clinical research shows that EpiCor significantly promotes regularity by improving stools and reducing gut discomfort such as bloating.  EpiCor also helps shift beneficial bacteria levels for a healthier gut. Science shows a healthy gut is the key to immune health.

Immune health:  Published, peer-reviewed human clinical studies show EpiCor maintains every day immune strength especially during cold weather and pollen seasons. EpiCor provided immune strength by significantly improving respiratory health and increasing the number of healthy days.

EpiCor works by increasing:

  • Antibody support (sIgA)
  • White blood cell (NK Cell) activation
  • Antioxidant power
  • Beneficial gut flora diversity

All of EpiCor’s award-winning research was conducted on healthy subjects with a 500 mg daily dose. For kids and pets, recommended daily dose is 7mg/kg of body weight.

EpiCor® is made in the USA, certified OU Kosher, Halal, tested GMO free, allergen free, BSE/TSE free, gluten free, self-certified GRAS, vegan and has a NDI notification with the FDA.