FB3 Fusion Ingredient

American Medical Holdings Inc. and Bio Actives Japan K.K. have jointly developed FB3® Fusion Ingredient, a “smart” patent-pending blend of three standardized botanical actives that safely and effectively inhibits absorption of excess dietary fats — Coleus forskohlii, Salacia reticulata,and Sesamum indicum are standardized for diterpene forskolin, kotanol and salacinol, and sesamin, respectively. Individually, they have been shown to inhibit fat absorption with differing degrees and dynamics. This unique property, supported by published research in Journal of Functional Foods 2015; 15: 44–51 is the basis of the novelty and patent application of FB3 Fusion Ingredient: PCT/JP2013/002252.

The unique ingredient is intended for safe weight loss and maintaining healthy body composition. “The quantity and composition of lipids in the body is one of the foremost factors deciding metabolic health, and the mission of the ingredient can succinctly be described as good fat in, excess fat out” explains Vladimir Badmaev, MD, PhD, FB3® Fusion Ingredient inventor. FB3 Fusion Ingredient is manufactured with Green Technology; in the United States grandfathered under DSHEA; dietary supplement under EFSA; approved food ingredient as per Japanese MHLW.