Hydroxytyrosol is the active ingredient found in olives and is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants. It has been studied extensively in recent years and, aside from benefiting cardiovascular health, it has been linked to many other health benefits on the eyes, immune system, bones and colon as well as compensating for age-related deficits.

HTEssence® is highly pure nature-identical hydroxytyrosol with a high safety profile. Due to its defined content, formulators can be sure that there is always the stated amount of active ingredient and that there are no undefined byproducts that could interfere with formulations.

Studies on its oxygen radical absorbance capacity, its antioxidant power and more are available on

HTEssence comes as a pure and white, odorless product, which now enables the use of hydroxytyrosol in a broad range of products such as dietary supplements, functional foods, and cosmetics. It is available as a spray-dried powder with hydroxytyrosol content of 20 % and with a content of 98 % in liquid form.