Id-alG™: Absorption blocker for controlled caloric intake
Nexira offers ID-alG™, a clinically tested brown seaweed extract, which helps to control caloric intake for a better balance between intake and expenditure.

A preliminary in vitro study highlighted the properties of ID-alG to inhibit 2 of the main digestive enzymes, lipase and amylase, by more than 50%.

To go further, Nexira conducted a clinical study (monocentric, randomized, placebo controlled in a parallel double-blind study) on 60 overweight women, with a daily dose of 400 mg of ID-alG over 2 months. This clinical study confirmed the exceptional weight management properties of ID-alG with significant results observed on women with BMI (Body Mass Index) ≤ 30:

  • Almost 3kg weight loss
  • 100% weight-loss = fat loss
  • Shaped buttocks & thighs: by decreasing fat and carb assimilation, ID-alG™ helps to control caloric intake and reduce fat storage, thus improving the figure (up to 4 cm reduction in thigh measurement and up to 5.8 cm buttocks reduction observed in the ID-alG™ group)
  • No side effects