Kinetiq is supported by over a dozen safety and efficacy human clinical trials, which effectively demonstrate that the ingredient safely enhances energy and alertness, helps increase thermogenesis, and promotes healthy weight management with diet and exercise.

Kinetiq exerts its beneficial effects through multiple biochemical mechanisms. It helps support weight management due to the presence of p-synephrine, which binds to β-3 adrenergic receptors, resulting in an increase in the body’s ability to break down fats. Kinetiq and its component p-synephrine also enhances the body’s utilization of carbohydrates by producing more energy in the form of ATP.

Recent research demonstrated that stimulant free Kinetiq enhances sports and resistance training performance by helping to increase mean power, velocity, max number of repetitions, and volume load.

Finally, another recent study showed when Kinetiq was combined with 2 citrus bioflavonoids, naringin and hesperidin that the combination significantly increased resting metabolic rate by 183kcal over placebo, indicating a powerful thermogenic effect.