Lactium® is a natural stress moderator developed by Ingredia Nutritional’s scientists in collaboration with research institutes. After many years of research and several clinical and toxicological studies, they succeeded in identifying within a milk protein, a bio-peptide with natural relaxing properties, that can be isolated thanks to a tryptic hydrolysis. The starting point of this research was the simple observation of the calm state of a baby after breastfeeding; researchers wanted to find a relationship between the consumption of milk and this soothing state.

Lactium is a unique, natural and efficient solution clinically proven to help consumers deal with stress-related symptoms through 7 clinical studies carried out on 394 volunteers. It does not suppress stress factors but it decreases stress-related symptoms and helps cope with both chronic and acute stress as well as participating in stress prevention. Some examples of stress symptoms that Lactium can prevent or improve are: sleeping disorders, food cravings, tension due to tobacco withdrawal, mood disorders, etc.

Ingredia Nutritional, who developed and patented Lactium®, partners with PharmaChem Laboratories for its distribution on the American market.