LactoSpore® is a lactic acid producing Bacillus preparation manufactured and distributed by Sabinsa. LactoSpore is a versatile micro-organism, originally known as Lactobacillus sporogenes (Bacillus coagulans). LactoSpore is deposited into an Internationally recognized culture collection center with the accession no. MTCC 5856.

Sabinsa provides LactoSpore® of following strengths:

  • 6 Billion spores/g
  • 15 Billion spores/g
  •  100 Billion spores/g

Benefits of LactoSpore®:

  • Contains a large number of viable lactobacilli that retain viability during preparation in pharmaceutical dosage forms and during storage before consumption. The spores are thermostable as against viable L. acidophilus cells which may not withstand spray drying.
  • Survive in gastric secretions and bile of the upper digestive tract and reach the intestine safely.
  • Settle in the digestive tract and produce enough lactic acid and other antagonistic substances to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria.