MealShape™ is a next generation starch blocker clinically-proven to instantly block carb absorption by more than 20%.

By inhibiting the alpha-amylase digestion enzyme, MealShape helps prevent glycemic spikes and sugar crashes, aiding the body to reduce the conversion of excess sugar into stored fat. It is the first and only cinnamon extract (Ceylon cinnamon) working as a starch blocker. Developed and patented by Dialpha, MealShape is supported by extensive preclinical and clinical data published in Biomed Central Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

MealShape is suitable for any nutraceutical applications such as dietary supplements and functional foods, with a purpose to help manage post-meal blood glucose or to reduce the Glycemic Index (GI) of starchy food.

MealShape brings several health benefits on the weight and diabetes spectrum:

  • Decreasing the absorption of calories, thereby promoting weight loss
  • Reducing postprandial glycemia and, by extension, associated insulin secretion: two combined effects with every intake in order to help prevent type 2 diabetes and obesity from occurring
  • Controlling inflammation caused by excess blood glucose
  • Improving satiety feeling and food craving management as a catalyst for lower GI diets