Melagenol is a unique natural nutricosmetic formulation designed by Monteloeder’s R&D team to prevent skin pigmentation from within.

Melanogenesis is the synthesis of melanin by skin cells (melanocytes) upon UV exposure leading to skin tanning. Undesired activation of melanogenesis by ageing, hormones, drugs or UV radiation may produce dark spots or hyperpigmentation. Unlike most topical products that may induce discolored skin patches, the oral use of Melagenol assures a global action, preventing the whole body skin from spots formation.

In vitro studies performed at University Miguel Hernandez in Elche (Spain) have shown that Monteloeder’s Melagenol is able to inhibit melanin production in B16-F10 melanocytes in a dose-response manner, thus smoothly preventing the appearance of unattractive black spots.