Neuravena®- Activate your Mind!

Neuravena® (EFLA®955) is a patented wild green oat extract, manufactured from a selected variety of oat herb (Avena sativa L.) scientifically proven to:

  • Enhance overall mental fitness
  • Support cognitive performance in stressful situations

Green oat herb preparations have traditionally been used to enhance cognitive function such as concentration, learning abilities, alertness and stress coping abilities since medieval times.

The raw material used by Frutarom to develop Neuravena has been scientifically selected from dozens of different oat varieties for its superior bioactivity. Neuravena has been studied using several test models ranging from in-vitro to human studies. Strengthening and balancing effects on the cognition and mood could be shown, due to Neuravena dual activity profile on two CNS (central nervous system) enzymes closely connected to mental health.

• Flavonoids (calculated as Isovitexin)