NutroxSun™ – Novel oral photoprotective formula clinically proven

NutroxSun™ is a branded ingredient developed by Monteloeder s.l.
NutroxSun™ is a combination of different natural Mediterranean extracts with a synergistic effect capable of fighting the main adverse biological effects caused by UV radiation.

Nutroxsun it’s mechanism of action is triple:

  1. Water-soluble antioxidant: inhibits the initial pro-oxidizing species, preventing oxidative damage of lipids, proteins and DNA.
  2. Lipid-soluble antioxidant: blocks the generation of peroxyl radicals resulting from the degradation of cell membranes preventing cellular dysfunction that may have cytotoxic and carcinogenic effects.
  3. Anti-inflammatory activity, essential to inhibit the subsequent tissue damage occurring after the irradiation.