OmniXan® 3R, 3’R Zeaxanthin is the only Zeaxanthin from paprika—a natural whole-food, GRAS source—grown and extracted in the USA through a vertically integrated supply chain, giving Eye Health formulas a natural advantage.

OmniXan delivers the benefits of premium Zeaxanthin—a potent quencher of singlet oxygen and lipid radicals, and one of the principle carotenoids in the eye. Concentrated in the center of the macula, Zeaxanthin absorbs specific wavelengths of light which could damage the retina and plays a unique role in supporting macular health.

OmniXan is available in various delivery forms including OmniBead™ Beadlet Technology, which protects the zeaxanthin and provides greater stability during manufacturing, as well as oil suspensions for greater formulating flexibility. OmniXan provides manufacturers the option of adding premium Zeaxanthin to their existing or new combination Eye Health formulas or the ability to develop stand-alone Zeaxanthin products. OmniActive Health Technologies