Mediterranean polyphenols concentrate

Oxxynea® is a whole food concentrate of 22 fruit & vegetables providing the same antioxidant protection as the daily consumption of 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Indeed, Unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits may impair the antiradical defense potential, leading to higher free radicals occurrence in the body. The Mediterranean diet is reliant mostly on fruit & vegetables, major sources of antioxidants from phenolic compounds that scavenge these free radical species.

  • Oxxynea delivers a similar amount of polyphenols than 5 portions of the most consumed fruit & vegetables as measured by Folin Ciocalteu (+20%)
  • Oxxynea has a higher antioxidant capacity than 5 portions of F&V when measured with ORAC 5.0™ (+82%)
  • Oxxynea offers a higher protection of human red blood cells against oxidation (+271%)

Additionally, a 12-week study has been run to observe the biological effect of a supplementation with Oxxynea. The bioavailability of its polyphenols has been proven, showing an increase of the Plasmatic Total Antioxidant Capacity of 10%). Oxxynea brought to the subjects anti-ageing benefits, with a decrease of the free radicals in the bloodstream (-50%).

All these scientific findings are available in the downloadable brochures and science pack.

Oxxynea is suitable for tablets, capsules, sachets, stick-packs, functional beverages, at a daily dosage of 800mg/day.