Phytofare® Catechin Complex is a green-tea derived extract backed by a double-blind, third party human clinical trial, the only human bioavailability study of its kind in the world.  The study definitely showed that Phytofare® combines several unique properties:

  1. Demonstrates ultra-high bioavailability. Test results showed that Phytofare® delivered 10x higher levels of active phyto-nutrients into the blood. As a result, the cost per dose is a fraction of generic extracts.
  2. Delivers complete phyto-complexes. All eight green tea catechins were detected in the blood as opposed to just one or two as is present in generic extracts.
  3. Greatly prolongs the presence of the phyto-complexes in the blood. With most extracts, all traces are eliminated from the blood in just a few hours. With Phytofare® all eight catechins remained in in the blood at therapeutic levels after 24 hours, making it effective in “once a day” applications.
  4. Greater stability. Phytofare® retains over 70% of its efficacy after 90-day exposure, whereas generic catechins are completely gone.

Phytofare® has can be used in RTD’s, powders as well as capsules.