Fat Shredding Technology

Sinetrol ®, from the French company Fytexia, is a citrus extract standardized in polyphenols helping to reduce the excess of fat mass.

Sinetrol acts by way of the exclusive mechanism of Fat Shredding Technology (FST). Without thermogenic effect, Sinetrol facilitates lipolysis trough the inhibition of phosphodiesterase PDE-4, the enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Consequently, higher cAMP levels lead to an increased rate of triglyceride (TG) breakdown.

3 clinical studies have been ran on Sinetrol, both supporting the mechanism of action and bringing strong results on weight loss: an average -10% of abdominal fat, -5,15cm of waist circumference, -5,15cm of hip circumference after 3 months, with no change on food intake or physical activity.
With 2 published clinical study, an ex vivo study demonstrating the mechanism of action and a new clinical study (download the Science Pack), Sinetrol, the natural fat shredder, is a safe solution to get rid of the excess of fat mass.

Sinetrol is available in two grades for your product developments:

  • Sinetrol Xpur, powder for tablets and capsules, recommended daily dosage is 900mg/day
  • Sinetrol Xpur EZ, water soluble powder for sachets or functional beverages, recommended daily dosage is 1400mg/day

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