Slimpro®  is a fish peptide enriched with BCAAs.  It is derived from the Northern Blue Whiting fish off the banks of Newfoundland.

It works naturally with the human physiology by increasing CCK and GLP-1, which further sends messages to the brain to control hunger, eating and nibbling.  CCK is the most studied satiety signal, which is stimulated in the intestine, in response to a meal stimulation.  It contributes in regulation of the daily energy intake and maintaining an appropriate meal size, which helps to manage body-weight for long term.  GLP-1 is a type of glucagon which is secreted from the intestine while eating and suppresses the appetite. It has been said to decrease food intake by increasing satiety in the brain.  This direct action on the hunger process targets many different subjects for weight control such as new moms, recent non-smokers and individuals who simply want to manage their weight and stop snacking.

SlimPro applications: Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gels, Stick Packs, Protein Shakes, Soft Beverages, Baked Goods.

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