Balchem’s VitaCholine® is the premiere brand of choline, an essential nutrient for all human life stages. From infants to adults to seniors, VitaCholine is vital to the health of the brain, liver, heart and muscular system.

Choline is one of nature’s hardest working nutrients. Unfortunately, current research shows that 90% of individuals don’t get enough choline to meet their body’s needs. Adequate free choline levels help control:

  • how rapidly our nervous system communicates
  • how well and how much we remember
  • how precisely our muscles respond and recover
  • how efficiently energy is used and stored
  • how effectively we metabolize fat in the liver
  • how well our body fights inflammation and homocysteine production – both enemies of the cardiovascular system.

Due to the important role it plays, choline was recognized by the US-FDA with structure functional claims and by EFSA with three health claims.

Balchem produces VitaCholine according to the highest quality standards and provides superior technical and scientific knowledge and support. The VitaCholine product portfolio consists of USP-grade choline products for tablets, capsules, OTC products, medical nutrition, infant formula, and food.