WATTS’UP®, is a bioflavonoid complex naturally present in citrus fruit found in Spain.  It is designed to help both trained athletes and hobby athletes to increase their energy.  It is highly bio-available and is shown to be actively circulating in the body within minutes.

The main purpose of WATTS’UP is to naturally increase power (work output) in both trained and hobby athletes.  It does this by increasing mitochondrial efficiency through a unique mode of action which makes more ATP available during aerobic and anaerobic exercise.  It reduces mitochondrial leakage to make more hydrogen available for ATP synthesis. Effects are achieved at a dose as low as 500mg per day.  WATTS’UP increases oxygen usage efficiency.  In the double blind, placebo controlled clinical study, the work output was increased, while the VO2 levels stayed constant.  More Watts per unit of O2.  Everyday athletes increased their energy by 5% while the “weekend warrior” increased their energy by 7.5%!

WATTS’UP® is a yellow powder, which can be easily applied to sport supplements such as capsules, gummies, milk shakes or gels.