Zynamite®, a patent-pending branded ingredient, was specifically developed as a clean-label replacement for caffeine to enhance exercise capacity and improve physical and mental performance without negative side effects.

Alertness and reaction time

A caffeine-free energy booster is expected to improve alertness and reaction time. Zynamite® changes the brain EEG, activates the human brain and speeds reaction time.

The effect of Zynamite® on performance and fatigue was studied by Nektium in two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials in two caffeine-free formulations containing polyphenols commonly used as antioxidants in sports products.


A caffeine-free energy booster is expected to enhance performance by increasing the energy availability and the efficiency in the use of energy or by improving the brain function during exercise. Zynamite® improves peak power performance of athletes under fatigued conditions.

Mental fatigue

A caffeine-free energy booster is expected to reduce mental fatigue. Zynamite® reduces mental fatigue in humans.