VANCOUVER, Wash. — February 18, 2020 — Today Bergstrom Nutrition, the world’s leading and largest manufacturer of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), OptiMSM®, announces Adrian Polliack, PhD as its new president and CEO. The business executive comes to Bergstrom Nutrition with more than two decades of leadership experience in roles such as CEO, president and founder for companies in the manufacturing, bioscience and medical technology spaces. He is also the inventor of 11 issued U.S. patents, ten of which are currently being offered in the marketplace.

In 2015, while running Bridge Biomedical Consulting, Polliack worked with Bergstrom Nutrition’s leadership team on their quest to uncover new uses for MSM beyond its more well-known usage in joint health and inflammation, mobility and aging, along with skincare and now a new focus on hair and nail strength.

“My previous work with Bergstrom Nutrition offered me a glimpse into the many possibilities for MSM. Today I’m thrilled at the prospect of embarking upon yet another exploration of OptiMSM’s bright future,” said Polliack. “Bergstrom Nutrition has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to quality and expanding its usage, in part due to the vast amount of lab and clinical research it undertakes. In 2015, I consulted with Bergstrom on implementing a stage-gate process to begin vetting new product development and claims opportunities. It’s my hope to put that framework to better use so we can offer our customers studies with more defined outcomes and marketable claims.”

For the past four years, Polliack served as CEO of Diatomix, a specialty chemical developer and manufacturer of air purifying technology. Previously, he was president of Bridge Biomedical, a consulting firm focused on the medical device and bioscience industries. Before that, he spent almost 15 years at SAM Medical Products, a global medical device manufacturer of emergency trauma products, during which he served as president for nearly 8 years.

Also on the horizon under Polliack’s leadership will be a renewed focus in offering both OptiMSM and PurforMSM® to new international marketplaces.