CARLSBAD, CA — Increasingly aware of under-performing, generically-sourced theacrine products in the market, Compound Solutions, the exclusive global supplier of patent-pending TeaCrine®, today responded to manufacturers of the imitation products.

“While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, these sources are no imitations,” said Compound Solutions CEO, Matthew Titlow. “The generic supply doesn’t even come close to TeaCrine® quality, purity, regulatory compliance, intellectual property and scientifically substantiated claims.

In a market awash with potentially impure, generically sourced, ineffective ingredients, patent-pending TeaCrine® stands above the crowd.

” The response comes on the heels of the largest theacrine study ever performed in humans. The 60-subject, eight-week TeaCrine® clinical trial validated and added to previous human research proving the ingredient is safe and non-habituating. Giving consumers the same effect every time without risk of dependency is a critical differentiator that sets TeaCrine apart from its competitors.

Among additional key differentiators, the creators of TeaCrine® cite the following:

  • TeaCrine® is patent-pending in the USA and globally under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) with claims covering both biologically equivalent and naturally sourced theacrine.
  • TeaCrine® is the first and only ingredient with human clinical data. Additionally, TeaCrine was the subject of the first ever in-human research. The abstract of the first human study was published this year in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN), and the second study is in process to be published. A third study utilizing TeaCrine® in humans to evaluate various functional efficacy outcomes has recently been completed with manuscript currently in preparation.
  • TeaCrine® is the only validated theacrine reference standard, and it has the only validated method to test for purity. In a market awash with potentially impure, generically sourced, ineffective ingredients, patent-pending TeaCrine stands above the crowd. 2
  • TeaCrine® is the only theacrine in the world with an abundance of safety and toxicity data (pre-clinical animal and human clinical), and the only one that is Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport certified. And among theacrine products, it stands alone as the only to be produced at an NSF-certified factory, fully compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices.

“In the supplement industry, the line between borrowed science and validated science isn’t a fine one. We’re talking about big discrepancies here, and when health is on the line, we want to make sure we spell them out as clearly as we possibly can,” said Titlow.

But often, spotting the difference between TeaCrine®, which brings undeniable human clinical substantiation, safety data, marketable claims and compliance to the market and its generically sourced competitors is difficult when purchasing products. To make sure you’re getting pure teacrine, Compound Solutions recommends looking for the TeaCrine® logo on the product label.

“Patents and Lanham Act for unfair advertising and false advertising aren’t arbitrary,” said Titlow. “We’ve invested time, money, and a lot of science into creating a compliant product that works, and one that’s been substantiated by research from multiple groups. Generic brands not only have no right to claim this science, but those claims simply don’t apply to their inferior, copy-cat ingredients with potentially unknown health risks and concerns for tested athletes and discerning consumers. This is about safety and building a trusted product and brand that our customers can build theirs on.”

About Compound Solutions, Inc.
Compound Solutions, Inc. is the go-to company representing and distributing unique, patented nutraceutical ingredients for the sports nutrition, functional food and nutritional supplement markets. Compound Solutions is the exclusive global supplier of TeaCrine®