Carthage, MO USA – Stratum Nutrition announces newly published support for NEM®, manufactured by partner ESM Technologies, evaluating the effects of various manufacturing methods for eggshell membrane products. Researchers at ESM Technologies feel this new information provides additional insights into the mechanism of action for their NEM® brand eggshell membrane ingredient for joint health.

In collaboration with the Jordan Valley Innovation Center within Missouri State University, the scientists evaluated three different hydrolyzates of eggshell membrane (fermentation, enzymatic, or chemical) in cell cultures of two different types of human immune cells. All three hydrolyzates were found to activate the gene transcription factor NF-kB, although the chemical hydrolyzate was about 10-fold less effective versus the fermentation and enzymatic hydrolyzates. NF-kB plays a fundamental role in the functioning of the immune system and occurs very early in the inflammatory cascade. Dysregulation of NF-kB has been implicated in the development of a number of classical inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disease. Interestingly, NF-kB dysregulation has also been associated with diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and multiple sclerosis which are not traditionally thought of as inflammatory in nature.

“It’s always rewarding to gain insight into the observed efficacy of one of our ingredients through fundamental research, particularly when this leads to the potential for new intellectual property,” commented Dr. Kevin J. Ruff, Director of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs for ESM Technologies, the manufacturer of NEM®. The results of these studies were published in the February issue of the Journal of Inflammation Research (DOI:

This study, along with additional published studies, show further substantiation for NEM® supporting a healthy inflammatory response. For more information on this new published data, please contact Dr. Kevin Ruff at

About Stratum Nutrition and ESM Technologies Joint Venture
Stratum Nutrition is Empowering Product Innovation with branded, specialty health ingredients for people and pets. Focused on supplementing for key categories such as structural health, digestive health, and immunity. ESM Technologies is the manufacturer of eggshell calcium and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients: ESC® and NEM®. Located in Carthage, Missouri, the company researches, develops and manufactures high-quality branded ingredients from a traceable and sustainable supply of eggshells from USDA-inspected facilities. The companies work collaboratively to advance the science and commercialization behind egg-derived technologies. For more information on Stratum Nutrition and NEM®, please visit