A polyphenol-rich formulation may enhance the benefits of mind-body
practices: published study on holistic well-being.

Riding the wave of its new range of sports nutrition ingredients launched at
SupplySide West, Fytexia announces the publication of a clinical study in the
International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition demonstrating the benefits of

“Regular consumption of HolisFiit, a polyphenol-rich extract-based food
supplement, improves mind and body well-being of overweight and slightly
obese volunteers: a randomized, double-blind, parallel trial”
Cindy Romain, Pedro Emilio Alcaraz, Linda Haiwon Chung,
and Julien Cases. Published online,
Feb. 23, 2017.

Fytexia’s years of experience in the field of polyphenol science led to a think-out-thebox
concept for an ingredient ideally suited for the sports nutrition market, yet
offering a product tailored to the growing practice of mind-body exercise.

Modern lifestyles face increasing demands for natural solutions to help improve
general well-being. Accordingly, mind-body activities, such as yoga, Pilates, and Taïchi,
have shown considerable growth; 36.7 million American adults have chosen to
join the yoga community – a number that increased by 79% in the last 4 years alone.

Fytexia’s HolisFiit is a polyphenol-rich ingredient designed to support focus and
optimize mind-body workouts. The formula combines the health benefits of green
tea and yerba mate with botanical extracts (grapefruit, black carrot and grape)
inspired from the Mediterranean diet, enhanced by the addition of vitamin B3.

A 4-month double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study in 33 subjects
(aged 30 to 50 years) demonstrates the benefits of supplementation with 1 gram of
HolisFiit a day. The study was conducted in collaboration with the Research Center
of High Performance Sport, University of Murcia, Spain.

By helping people to reach physical and mental balance, HolisFiit contributes to
enhanced body-mind capacities. Daily supplementation led to a 43% improvement
in the Athens Insomnia Scale score: a significant increase in overall sleep quality
through a facilitation of falling asleep and a significant increase in total sleep

These improvements in sleep markers impacted the feeling of well-being in the daytime:
in association with a 67% improvement in well-being, subjects in the HolisFiit
group experienced an 80% increase in functioning capacity during the day.

Subjects supplemented with HolisFiit reported a significantly higher overall feeling of
vitality compared to the placebo group. General physical health perception
increased by 10% with HolisFiit, based on questions from the validated SF-36 health

Moreover, in the lean-to-fat mass ratio, body composition significantly rebalanced
by 7.4%, signifying an improved body tone for the HolisFiit-supplemented group.

Fytexia’s decision to initiate this breakthrough innovation was inspired by the
demand from consumers for a safe formula supported by strong human clinical
evidence, and made from non-GMO ingredients they can recognize and trust.

With HolisFiit, the French company Fytexia showcases its straight-to-the-point
approach in helping sports nutrition product formulators, 96% of whom believe that
mind-body exercise products must provide benefits in both physical health and
mental well-being for body-mind balance (internal survey by Fytexia of more than 50
For more details, please contact Fytexia at lnogier@fytexia.com