Fytexia answers demand for new delivery forms by re-flavoring fat loss ingredient Sinetrol.

French-based supplier Fytexia releases Sinetrol XPur EZ, a new grade of its flagship lipolysis enhancer by masking the natural bitterness of citrus polyphenols to create new possibilities for formulators.

The company initiated this project as an answer to a growing customer demand to go beyond the traditional delivery forms of weight management supplements – capsules and tablets. Innovation teams increasingly look at other product formats to target ways of valuing natural fat burning solutions. These include segments such as sports nutrition where powders are more frequent; or international markets where supplements are taken differently, or simply creating new opportunities in the diet supplement arena.

Catching these opportunities used to be a challenge with the original version of Sinetrol. As it grew into one of the leading fat burners worldwide, companies wanting to use it in products such as powders or liquids frequently faced the issue of bitterness. The active core of Sinetrol is a proprietary combination of citrus extracts standardized for flavanones – a sub category of flavonoids. This blend was demonstrated in 2 published clinical studies to help increase lipolysis and visibly reduce body fat mass. The problem is that these flavanones are bitter by nature, as are all polyphenols.

Fytexia’s R&D has created Sinetrol XPur EZ by keeping the same active combination as in Sinetrol and completing it with a mix of natural flavors to mask the bitterness. The resulting blend is much easier to incorporate into powders or liquid concentrates, creating a new scope of formulation possibilities. With an active dosage only slightly increased from 0.9g to 1.4g per day, it can be added to stick-packs, protein shakes or instant hot drinks, by itself or with other ingredients and flavors.

This new solution immediately triggered the interest of Fytexia’s customers, particularly those for whom instant powders and liquids represent an important share of business. As the company just announced the launch, new products using Sinetrol XPur EZ are already in development. Based on this foreseen high success, the company’s ambition is to increase the reach of Sinetrol’s success to new market segments and to confirm its position as a leading fat loss solution worldwide.
For more details, please contact Fytexia at contact@fytexia.com