AHPA_MemberFollowing a strong growth of its business in the States in the past few years, Fytexia decided to increase its involvement in the industry by signing-up as an Active Member of the American Herbal Products Association.

The company intends to contribute to ongoing changes that will affect the future of the US herbal industry, where its presence has significantly extended since the set-up of Fytexia Corp. in New York City in 2013. Fytexia’s clinically proven ingredients from fruit & vegetables polyphenols can now be found in several leading supplement brands distributed through multiple distribution channels across the country.

According to Lionel Schmitt, President and CEO of Fytexia, “the AHPA is a key influencer on questions related to science, regulations and communication on botanical products, which makes it the perfect fit for us. In order to secure a healthy growth of our business in the US, it’s critical that consumers keep access to high-quality herbal products, and that they can trust labels and claims on those products. We look forward to contributing to that mission within the Association.”