Fytexia gets Canadian approval for flagship weight management and antioxidant ingredients

French-based polyphenol specialist Fytexia has obtained Natural Product Numbers (NPN) from the Canadian Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD) for the ingredients Sinetrol and Oxxynea, along with accepted claims recognizing their health benefits.

The successful registration of the company’s two best-selling materials validates Fytexia’s decision to enter the Canadian market. In addition to unlocking appealing sales opportunities, the NHPD’s approval provides new recognition of the strong body of research supporting Sinetrol and Oxxynea, thereby adding momentum to the current growth of these ingredients worldwide.

SinetrolObtained in collaboration with the Canadian-based consultancy Quality Smart Solutions, both Product Licenses have validated strong claims about the ingredients’ properties. Sinetrol was particularly accepted as an ingredient for weight management support based on two published clinical studies from Fytexia. In addition to showing Sinetrol’s significant impact on body fat loss, this research also highlighted a reduction of oxidative stress, allowing the NHPD to approve an additional label claim about this benefit.

OxxyneaIn the antioxidant segment, Fytexia’s goal is to respond to the Canadian demand for natural, whole-food materials with Oxxynea, a blend of 22 fruit and vegetables which antioxidant properties were recognized by Health Canada. In recent research, Fytexia found that a daily dose of this blend provided antioxidant benefits equivalent to five servings of fruit and vegetables.

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