Supply Side West is approaching and Gnosis will be protagonist with the launch of Mythocondro®, the first Non-Animal Chondroitin sulfate of fermentation origin, that promises to change completely the CS industry.

Gnosis offers the unique opportunity to discover the scientific steps forward of the product, by participating to the speech organized by Gnosis in the Education Session of the VENDORBRIEF Presentation.

The speech will be held Thursday, October 6th, 1:00-1:50 pm at SSW, BaysideHall D, Booth WW111 and will be led by Prof. Nicola Volpi, Associate Professor of Biochemistry, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Department of Life Sciences, Modena, Italy, one of the global leading expert in chondroitin.

The speech will show the concerns about quality, reproducibility and safety of chondroitin sulfate animal derived and present the PATENTED NEW NON-ANIMAL CHONDROITIN SULFATE characterized by:

  • Produced by fermentative processes: non-animal production
  • High purity and quality profile guaranteed by controlled, reliable and reproducible controlled process
  • Very low protein content and a substantial absence of unusually sulfated and over-sulfated disaccharides
  • Demonstrated biological activity and established safety with published results
  • Low molecular weight and enhanced bioavailability

mythocondro supplyside west 2016 mythocondro supplyside west 2016-2