DES MOINES, Iowa (December 21, 2017) – Kemin was recently granted an additional patent that supports the technology behind its patented lines of spearmint, KI110 and KI42. The patented spearmint lines are used to develop Kemin’s cognition-enhancing ingredient, Neumentix™ Phenolic Complex K110-42. The newest patent covers the unique drying process used to retain health-benefitting polyphenols from the harvested spearmint.

Naturally occurring polyphenols in KI110 and KI42 spearmint lines include rosmarinic, salvianolic and caftaric acids. Research shows these polyphenols may act as antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress, promote new neuron growth and protect nerve cells in the brain.1

Spearmint is a seasonal herb that retains high levels of moisture. To preserve perishable polyphenols in spearmint, post-harvest drying is required. However, aromatic herbs are especially sensitive to post-harvest processing, resulting in discoloration and decreased nutritional value. Kemin’s patented drying process successfully minimizes moisture while preserving the nutritional value of the spearmint.

“Removing most of the water from the plant material without destroying the rosmarinic acid allows us to extract dried material when there’s demand, so that customers receive product at the height of its nutritional value,” said Dr. John Greaves, VP of Specialty Crops at Kemin Industries.

Once dried, polyphenols from Kemin’s KI110 and KI42 spearmint lines are water extracted to produce Neumentix, which can be formulated into a variety of supplement or food applications.