Nearly a half-century ago, KOHJIN Life Sciences began its pioneering research into the benefits of L-glutathione (GSH) in maintaining cell longevity, helping the body fight toxins, supporting liver function, and improving and beautifying skin.

Concurrent with this research, KOHJIN developed a proprietary method for producing the purest and most consistent glutathione product available, and was soon rewarded by becoming the world’s leading supplier of GSH in 1968, a position it still holds. Today, OPITAC™ Glutathione stands as the pinnacle of KOHJIN’s efforts, and remains the most trusted name in glutathione across the planet.

But this position isn’t symbolic, and trust isn’t simply bestowed, it’s earned. KOHJIN’s celebrated GSH has long enjoyed U.S. FDA-Notified Full GRAS status, as well as holding Kosher and Halal certifications. Its GMP-approved factories are industry models, and OPITAC™ was the first glutathione to achieve JP and USP monograph designation.

Now the company is pleased to announce yet another affirmation of the ongoing, unparalleled quality of OPITAC™ Glutathione, as it becomes the only glutathione product to be given a place of prominence as an OK Kosher Certification Featured Brand [ ]. OK Kosher is among the oldest and most firmly-established Kosher certification agencies in existence. Its bold, circled “K” symbol is a revered signature of brands held to be of undisputed purity and unwavering quality.

There are many groups that can attest to a product’s being Kosher, but OK Kosher stands apart for the scope and rigor of its concerns and considerations. The organization doesn’t just certify that a product conforms to minimum Kashruth standards, it sets all new standards for the product’s fitness to meet the challenges of a more health conscious, environmentally conscious, and socially conscious world.

Being an OK Kosher Featured Brand isn’t an honor KOHJIN takes lightly, nor is it granted hastily. Every year, representatives of the organization visit KOHJIN Life Sciences laboratories to carefully assess the current status of the products being developed and released, as well as the overall integrity of the process, its efficiency, and its safety. Over time, this most respected of certification bodies made the determination to confer its authoritative mark of approval on the company, and in particular, its flagship pharmaceutical ingredient, OPITAC™ Glutathione.

Glutathione has gained recognition as a premier food ingredient of the new century. It detoxifies the body, activates liver function, counters cellular oxidation, removes free radicals from the bloodstream, beautifies the skin, and helps relieve muscle fatigue. When it was clinically proven that GHS, in the form of OPITAC™ Glutathione, could add to the body’s natural store of this important substance through oral supplementation, KOHJIN became even more cognizant of its responsibility to bring these benefits to all consumers, everywhere.

This recognition by OK Kosher, among the most trusted food certification institutes in the world, is a validation of KOHJIN’s untiring, half-century effort to maintain excellence at every level of its operation, and further assurance that OPITAC™ Glutathione is deserving of its leading role in the drive for more conscientious and health-aware lifestyles.