Sustamine® taken post exercise might reduce muscle protein breakdown

New York City – A University of Texas at Austin study showed taking Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine inhibits signaling proteins that activate protein degradation, which helps to maximize muscle protein build-up after resistance exercise. ¹

The study published April 3rd in the Journal Amino Acids, included 89 male Spraque-Dawley rats 2-3 months of age who performed resistance exercise. Immediately post exercise, the rats were given either whey protein (.4g/kg), low-dose Sustamine (.1g/kg), high-dose Sustamine (.5g/kg) or placebo, in random order. Sixteen rats were used as sedentary controls.

The primary findings were that “Sustamine® altered, immediately post exercise the phosphorylation state of signaling proteins in a manner that theoretically should reduce muscle protein breakdown, while whey protein accelerated the phosphorylation of proteins in the mTOR-dependent signaling pathway thereby theoretically activating muscle protein synthesis.”

Sustamine® is a dipeptide of glutamine that provides several substantial benefits such as enhanced recovery, immune system support, and increased metabolic rate. This was one of the first studies to demonstrate its benefit on inhibiting muscle protein breakdown.

About Sustamine®
Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine is vegetarian, allergen-free and the only GRAS L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, Sustamine® is also tasteless, odorless, and stable in liquids. Sustamine® is a dietary supplement and an ingredient used in food and beverages.

Sustamine® is an ingredient that works on multiple levels to help rehydrate the body and sustain energy levels during exertion. Sustamine® combines L-Glutamine (the most important amino acid for stimulating muscle protein synthesis) and L-Alanine (an amino acid needed for rebuilding your body’s glycogen stores). Sustamine enhances performance and recovery in three primary ways. It helps:

  • Replace lost electrolytes and fluids
  • Repair damaged muscle proteins
  • Refill the body’s energy stores

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