The third edition of NutraIngredients Awards – rewarding true innovation and cutting edge research in health foods, supplements and nutrition – will take place on May 10thin Geneva, after second day of Vitafoods Europe. 

Lipofoods with the aim to reinforce its brand awareness and positioning as microencapsulation technological ingredients supplier has decided to support this prestigious event.

Furthermore we have decided to enter the awards competition in 3 different categories, showcasing and communicating the competitive technical advantages and unique marketing positioning of our branded ingredients:

Ingredient of the Year – Sport & Energy with NEWCAFF™ microcapsules, novel delivery system which has been designed by Lipofoods to mask caffeine objectionable bitter taste while providing its sustained release for over 4 hours targeting predominantly energy & endurance sports nutrition products looking for the slow energy release claim and with a better sensory profile.
Ingredient of the Year – Heart Health with LIPOPHYTOL®, water dispersible microencapsulated free phytosterols suitable for a wide range of different food matrices. Responding to the strong awareness of the ecological impact of standard palm oil cultivation, implications in the development of hearth diseases and the complexity associated to the addition of phytosterols into different food matrices, LIPOFOODS will present the PALM FREE version of LIPOPHYTOL®.

Ingredient of the Year – Infant Nutrition with LIPOFER® a water dispersible micronized source of iron that has been microencapsulated to enhance iron absorption and to reduce undesirable organoleptic attributes, thus enabling the fortification and supplementation of infant formulas with this essential nutrient.