Probiotics are often linked with improved digestion, as they should be. But mounting science demonstrates that these healthy bacteria do a lot more. Some probiotic strains aid the body with protein absorption and even boost immunity. Promising research is also linking our gut health to mood.

Here, we look at a novel probiotic, GanedenBC30, that has a well-established and growing body of research demonstrating its capabilities for improving health beyond digestion.

Immune Benefits

In addition to digestive health benefits, GanedenBC30 provides immune system support. Given that the digestive and immune systems of the human body are closely linked — 70 percent of the immune system is in the intestines, it is no surprise that probiotics have been shown to have beneficial impact on immune functions. One study demonstrated that GanedenBC30 enhanced T-cell response to bacterial and viral challenges while additional studies show that the strain increased the response of several key immune modulating cytokines—proteins that aid in immune response.

While many health professionals believe that probiotics can help people with specific health conditions, there has been controversy surrounding the benefits of probiotics in healthy people. This research supports the idea that probiotics can indeed benefit those who are healthy.

Protein Absorption Benefits

Another exciting research finding is that GanedenBC30 helps promote protein utilization. Data from a recent study demonstrated that in just two weeks, combining one billion colony forming units (CFUs) of GanedenBC30, with one serving of protein per day, increases the absorption of 23 important amino acids over the baseline compared to protein without the strain. These results are particularly important to food manufacturers that target the sports nutrition and active adult markets that feature protein as a key ingredient.

Make Multiple Health Claims

With research demonstrating that GanedenBC30‘s health benefits go beyond digestion, formulating with it allows you to add the following verbiage to your product label:

  • Probiotic
  • Supports Immune Health
  • Supports Digestive Health
  • Supports Protein Utilization

The Versatile Probiotic

GanedenBC30 has a unique structure that safeguards the cell’s genetic material from the heat and pressure of the manufacturing process. This allows it easily incorporate into products, overcome shelf-life challenges and withstand the acid and bile to which it’s exposed during digestive transit.

As research continues to reveal how the digestive system is vital for much more than processing food, the demand for probiotics will continue to grow. Research-backed GanedenBC30 offers food and beverage manufactures a turn-key solution to boosting products with a probiotic that offers myriad health benefits.