April 4th, 2019 (Carthage, MO USA) Stratum Nutrition®, the Global Leader of eggshell and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients, announces continued market growth for their triple-action joint health ingredient, NEM®. Eggshell membrane has surpassed 100 licensed natural health products in Canada with the issuance of a new Natural Product Number (NPN) for its flagship ingredient, NEM® brand eggshell membrane.

Director of Global Sales, Chris Haynes, says, “All of us at Stratum Nutrition wish to thank each of our Canadian NEM® customers for their trust, faith and hard work to make NEM the #1 selling eggshell membrane in the Canadian market. We feel like there is still substantial market share to be gained in the joint health space for NEM. Stratum looks forward to helping our Canadian customers continue to grow the market share this year and beyond.”

Health Canada performs a pre-market review of the evidence regarding the safety and efficacy of natural health product ingredients and the labeling claims that can be supported by this evidence. If found acceptable, Health Canada will issue the finished product an NPN with allowed label claims.

Stratum Nutrition, through its ESM Technologies business, received new joint pain & stiffness reduction and cartilage protection claims in its recently issued NPN (#8009138). Products containing NEM can now claim that it helps to improve recovery from joint pain and stiffness and/or helps reduce levels of CTX-II, a biomarker of joint (cartilage) degradation due to moderate intensity aerobic exercise in post-menopausal women. These newly allowed claims are in addition to previously allowed claims that NEM helps to reduce pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis and NEM is research-proven to reduce joint pain in 7-10 days.

“These new cartilage protection claims approved by Health Canada are based upon our patented healthy population clinical trial design expanding the indications for NEM to healthy exercising individuals and providing label claims that will resonate with consumers“, stated Kevin J. Ruff Ph.D., MBA – Sr. Director of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs for Stratum Nutrition.