Salinas, California – Next Pharmaceuticals has launched a new Relora website targeting its consumer audience. The goal of the website, is to provide the type of information consumers want in an easy to understand format.

The new website features one-click access to purchase Next’s customers’ Relora products, accessible explanations of the product and how it relates to consumers’ health, and a blog for ongoing updates on new research that relates to stress and its many causes. The site also highlights the numerous videos that have been made about Relora.

Relora Website

“We developed this website with the intention of it helping both the consumer and the customer. On the consumer side, it will enable them to be more knowledgeable on the products they are ingesting and the potential health benefit”, said Regan Miles, President of Next Pharmaceuticals. “On the customer side, we make it as simple as possible for consumers to purchase customers’ products with just a click from our site. The consumer-oriented language and other aspects of our new site are available for customers to integrate into their own marketing materials and sites.”

Relora is a proprietary blend of Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense bark extracts that alleviates stress, curbs stress-related eating, and promotes weight management by quieting the HPA axis without causing drowsiness.

Founded in 1997, Next Pharmaceuticals provides patented, science-based natural ingredients for healthy living products in the dietary supplement, food and beverage industries. Next has successfully developed six patented and proprietary plant extracts including Chromulin®, a new safer form of the essential trace mineral chromium; Relora® for stress, stress related eating and weight management; Seditol® for improved more restful sleep; Nexrutine® for inflammation due to over-exertion and exercise; Sytrinol® for blanced cholesterol levels; Citrofen® for joint mobility and comfort Citri-Z® for heart health. For more information on Next Pharmaceuticals, visit