Within the framework of Nutraceuticals International Group’s focus on global growth, a new subsidiary, Nutraceuticals International Group® Europe, has officially been established in the UK.

Nutraceuticals International Group®, one of the largest suppliers of health and nutrition ingredients in the US, has emphasized their aspirations of achieving sustainable growth Internationally, with the foundation of a new subsidiary in the United Kingdom. With two headquarters already located in the United States and Mexico, the company’s growth strategy will continue to be pursued as it expands into Europe as well. With 35 years combined experience in the Functional Foods, Sports Nutrition and Supplement market, we will be able to reach customers and markets in Europe more quickly and efficiently. The new functions in Europe combine an experienced sales and marketing team along with QA, technical, formulation and logistics functions to ensure full customer satisfaction and to help ensure that our customers remain at the forefront of the latest technology in the field.