OmniActive Health Technologies sponsors an article showing Lutein and Zeaxanthin’s role in visual and cognitive function throughout a lifespan. A recent, compelling article published in this month’s Nutrition Reviews by leading lutein researcher Elizabeth J. Johnson, Ph.D.—Role of Lutein and Zeaxanthin in Visual and Cognitive Function Throughout a Lifespan—discusses the latest science surrounding the important function that both lutein and zeaxanthin play throughout a lifetime. The manuscript was made possible through an unrestricted gift from OmniActive Health Technologies. To see the full article, click

“Strong science supports the roles that lutein and zeaxanthin play in both visual and cognitive health throughout a lifetime,” stated Dr. Johnson. “The relative contribution of lutein to the total carotenoids in the pediatric brain is twice that of what is found in adults, suggesting the need for lutein during neural development. Moreover, the presence of higher lutein status has been related to better cognitive performance and both lutein and zeaxanthin may be protective against eye disease due to their ability to absorb damaging blue light that enters the eye.”

OmniActive’s gift was sponsored through its educational campaign, Lutein For Every Age™, to raise awareness of the benefits of early and consistent lutein intake to help maintain proper eye, skin, cognitive and general health throughout a lifetime (

“Dr. Johnson’s article provides deep insight into how lutein and zeaxanthin function over a lifetime and point toward the importance of supplementation,” said Lynda Doyle, Vice President, Global Marketing, OmniActive Health Technologies. “As responsible suppliers of premium lutein and zeaxanthin ingredients such as Lutemax® 2020, we are dedicated to growing the market by providing the most current and relevant information to the industry, scientific community, healthcare professionals and consumers alike by supporting the ever-expanding breath of science surrounding these macular carotenoids.”

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