Supply Side West, Booth 3537
Thursday, October 17th from 4:00-5:30 PM

New Brunswick, NJ, October 11, 2019

Natreon, a leading nutrition company at the forefront of ingredient innovation, quality and research, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. What began as a concept to bring Ayurvedic botanical ingredients to the market has evolved into a global specialty ingredient company with a broad portfolio of 7 products supported by 28 patents and 51 clinical trials. Natreon’s botanical ingredient portfolio has expanded along with the consumer preferences toward natural products with key attributes such as supply chain transparency and sustainability, extensive clinical studies, and trusted quality. Aligned with these shifting consumer preferences toward natural products, Natreon now collaborates with over 200 industry-leading global manufacturers and brand marketers to create on-trend products for dietary supplements, food & beverage, and personal care markets.

To celebrate this milestone, Natreon will host a celebration with customers, trade organizations, researchers and partners at the leading nutrition industry trade event, Supply Side West in Las Vegas. Natreon will also host events at their state-of-the art Research & Development (R&D) Center in Kolkata India to honor Professor Shibnath Ghosal, a Fulbright scholar and an eminent natural product chemist with hundreds of publications in scientific journals, who continues to inspire Natreon’s R&D discovery. These, along with celebrations at their manufacturing sites in Pondicherry and Nepal, will mark the contribution Natreon has made to the global health and wellness market through a broad coalition of partners ranging from the farmers who supply botanical raw materials all the way to the consumers that rely on Natreon’s ingredients to support positive health outcomes.

“Natreon is proud to be celebrating its 20th year bringing natural, scientifically trusted ingredients to the natural products market worldwide. Natreon was founded in response to a growing interest in scientifically studied Ayurvedic products. Since its beginning, Natreon has remained committed to ensuring the quality, tradition and scientific evidence of its ingredients. Natreon’s extracts are optimized and standardized using proprietary process technology and analytical methodologies that result in optimal levels of bioactive constituents. Natreon uses sustainable sources for the through an integrated supply chain to ensure quality and potency,” said Dr. Sanni Raju, CEO, as he continued, “the resulting products, ranging from our industry leading adaptogen Sensoril® ashwagandha to the strength and endurance enhancing Priamvie® shilajit, are clinically studied and standardized to ensure consumers achieve their desired health outcomes, naturally.”

“We are proud of the impact and positive response we have had in helping consumers meet their wellness goals. Staying focused on Natreon’s commitment to science and quality has helped us differentiate ourselves in the natural products market and is resonating with brand marketers and consumers. Twenty years after our founders established Natreon, I am amazed to see our global reach and the positive impact our team has had in the communities we serve and operate in ranging from India to Nepal to the United States and beyond,” said Bruce Brown, President of Natreon.

Natreon would like to thank and recognize its numerous customers, partners, employees, investors and other supporters who have helped the company reach this milestone. Without support and trust, Natreon would have never been able to reach this current stage in our growth as a company.