Another Independent Clinical Trial Confirms NEM® Brand Eggshell Membrane’s Rapid Pain Reduction

Carthage, MO USA – Stratum Nutrition and joint-venture partner, ESM Technologies, the manufacturer of innovative, commercialized eggshell and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients, are pleased to announce a new independent clinical trial has published in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine evaluating their joint health ingredient NEM® brand eggshell membrane.

An independent, clinical trial conducted in Italy by Phytonature sas (Bovolone, Italy) confirmed the rapid reduction in pain found with NEM® brand eggshell membrane as in prior clinical trials. The study recruited 25 subjects with moderate, persistent knee osteoarthritis. The study participants were supplemented once daily with a capsule containing 500 mg of NEM® for 30 days and were evaluated at 10 & 30 days using a short-form questionnaire based upon the WOMAC questionnaire. The researchers found statistically significant reductions in pain as early as 10 days, with nearly three-quarters of the participants feeling at least a 40% improvement in this short time. The improvement continued throughout the end of the study (- 66.4%). Importantly, rescue analgesic use dropped 78% in the first 10 days of the study, and all 25 subjects consumed no analgesic through the remaining 20 days of the study. There were no serious adverse events in the study, and NEM® was reported to be well tolerated. The researchers concluded that this trial validates the clinical results seen with NEM® previously and that NEM® provides a viable natural treatment option for osteoarthritis of the knee. The results of the peer-reviewed study were recently published online in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine (

“We’re always pleased when an independent study is conducted that corroborates our own clinical results, particularly when it confirms NEM’s fast onset of efficacy. And this is the second such independent trial conducted in Europe. The Italian researchers did an excellent job of demonstrating that NEM® can have a very real impact on one’s quality of life through a reduction in the need to take analgesics on a daily basis.” commented Kevin J. Ruff Ph.D., MBA, CCRP –Sr. Director of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs for Stratum Nutrition.

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