Stratum Nutrition in collaboration with the Traditional & Biomedical Research Center within Daejeon University and Ju Yeong NS Co., Ltd., is pleased to announce a new research study on NEM® brand eggshell membrane has been published. The study further validates NEM’s mechanism of action and reveals exciting insights on NEM’s ability to support joint health.

Researchers evaluated three doses of NEM (including the human equivalent dose of 52 mg/kg) in a rat model.  As in prior research, NEM again demonstrated powerful support for a healthy inflammatory response.  And, for the first time, chondroprotective effects were revealed from NEM treatment.  NEM was found to help maintain cartilage structure.  Importantly, the demonstrated chondroprotective effects were validated through histology, wherein a blinded pathologist evaluated cartilage thickness and joint space width both microscopically and via micro CT scan.  The results of this study were published in the August issue of the Journal of Nutrition and Health.

“The Korean researchers did a wonderful job of demonstrating the myriad benefits that NEM offers.  We are particularly excited about the chondroprotective effects shown with NEM and we have filed patent applications internationally surrounding this use for eggshell membrane,” commented Dr. Kevin J. Ruff, Sr. Director of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs for Stratum Nutrition which distributes NEM globally.

This study, along with additional published studies, show further substantiation for NEM® supporting a healthy inflammatory response.  For more information on this new published data, please contact Dr. Kevin Ruff at