Dunedin, New Zealand and Saint Charles, MO USA – BLIS Technologies and Stratum Nutrition announce the recent publication in the International Journal of General Medicine (DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/IJGM.S92488)

[1] of a new clinical study in children evaluating the upper respiratory immune health benefits of the probiotic, BLIS K12®. The new results confirm and extend earlier findings in both children and adults, establishing the importance of a healthy oral cavity microbiome and demonstrating the striking benefits of BLIS K12® supplementation in improving resistance to both bacterial and viral pathogens.[2],[3],[4]

Daily supplementation with Streptococcus salivarius BLIS K12® was tested in reducing the incidence of otitis media (middle ear infection) -a frequently encountered bacterial or viral condition in pediatric populations, affecting approximately 80% of all children at some point during childhood. A common repercussion of acute otitis media (AOM) and a lingering problem in some children is secretory otitis media (SOM), an asymptomatic inflammatory condition characterized by persistent fluid in the middle ear cavity. If left untreated it can lead to hearing-related complications.

In this pilot study, conducted by a Milan, Italy-based research team, 22 children ages 3-9 years old with a recent history of AOM and fluid in one or both ears for at least 2 months were selected for participation in the study.  All of the children finished the study with no reported side effects. They were each administered a once daily chewable lozenge containing BLIS K12® for of 90 days. During that time period, the rate of AOM infections (number of episodes per month per child) dropped by over 40% (p<0.05) when compared to diagnosed infections from the prior 12 months. In addition, there was a 50-60% improvement in specific measurements for hearing (p<0.01) as well as an approximate 40% improvement in the appearance of the ear canal and eardrum (p<0.05), including reductions in fluid buildup in the middle ear.

The results of this study also reconfirm the excellent safety profile of BLIS K12® in children and show for the first time, a beneficial effect in children with a history of chronic middle ear asymptomatic ear infections.

BLIS K12® is a unique strain of Streptococcus salivarius, a bacterial species commonly found in the oral cavity of healthy individuals. Supporting a beneficial microbiome in the oral cavity through BLIS K12® supplementation can be one of the best ways to maintain continued optimal upper respiratory health. For more information on these studies, please contact Dr. Joseph Evans at Joseph.Evans@StratumNutrition.com.

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BLIS Technologies is the manufacturer of oral probiotic products based on the natural human mouth bacterium Streptococcus salivariusStratum Nutrition is the exclusive North American distributor of BLIS probiotic products including BLIS K12 and BLIS M18.  BLIS K12® is a probiotic member of the bacterial species Streptococcus salivarius developed in Dunedin, New Zealand for the support of oral health. Visit http://www.stratumnutrition.com/ingredients/blis-k12/ for more information on BLIS K12.


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