We’ve all experienced stress and anxiety at some point of our lives. These feelings can range from frustration and anger to becoming nervous about an event. “For many of us, these feelings are actually okay once in a while,” reassures Bryce Wylde, alternative health expert and medical advisor on The Dr. Oz Show. In this video, he describes why the pure L-theanine in Suntheanine is the go-to natural product for safely supporting mental calmness and relaxation, without causing drowsiness.

“Sometimes stress or anxiety can help us get things done,” says Wylde. But not everyone deals with stress and anxiety the same way. “For some, everyday anxiety interferes with their ability to function. These people unfortunately suffer from an anxiety disorder, which may often be characterized by constant worry or panic.” He explains that these people may experience a racing heart, having trouble sleeping, obsessive thoughts and may even avoid social situations. “This level of anxiety can be disabling or even dangerous.”

Wylde says stress is equally debilitating. “It can contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, overeating and even cancer.” He explains that stress and worry start in the brain. When stress and worry become more than a person can handle, three brain chemicals – serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine – are used up faster than they can be made. “The effect of their loss is a significant drop in mental, emotional and physical energy.”

How Suntheanine may help with stress and anxiety
Suntheanine is a pure form of the amino acid L-theanine. “That’s the go-to product for supporting mental calmness and relaxation,” advises Wylde. “Suntheanine is made using a special patented fermentation process that ensures consistency and effectiveness. Research shows Suntheanine decreases anxiety and reduces rises in blood pressure that can accompany mental and emotional stress.”

Wylde says that unlike any other stress-reducing and sleep-enhancing supplements or drugs, Suntheanine does not cause drowsiness. It is both safe and effective.