The newly issue of the Gnosis’ vitaMagazine has been just released and focuses on the close relationship between the vitamin K2 as MK7 derived from the natural fermentation of the bacteria Bacillus subtilis natto, and its efficacy, stability and safety.
The discovery of natto – traditional Japanese food with the highest content of MK7 and obtained from soybeans fermentation – gave Gnosis the basis to produce, almost 20 years ago, a real natural, pure, stable and safe vitamin K2 as MK7, with the brand name of VitaMK7®.
The microbial strain of the B. subtilis natto – highly purified and grown under certain natural conditions by Gnosis – is able to guarantee the highest purity (all-trans active isomer > 99%) and the total absence of unknown impurities, providing an extraordinarily pure and natural product, with a highly safe profile.
Furthermore, thanks to its clean profile, VitaMK7® minimizes cross-reactions with other ingredients, and ensures greater effectiveness and stability in formulations!
Up today, all human clinical trials published, that support the benefits in the bone and the cardiovascular health, have been performed with vitamin K2 as MK7 from Bacillus subtilis natto.
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