About us

Branded-Ingredients.com believes that products differentiate themselves by using  branded ingredients in their formulations. Branded ingredients allow Product Developers to use all the additional information that branded ingredients have, such as marketing exposure and strong scientific documentation from clinical studies (in vivo and in vitro). Branded ingredients give end consumers the  confidence that the product is formulated with care by choosing a superior ingredient backed with scientific documentation.

For Product Developers

Branded-Ingredients.com is an overview of the best branded ingredients available on the dietary supplements market. It gives Product Developers a direct overview of branded ingredients suitable for their products. You can search the website on health categories, suppliers, ingredients and events. You can narrow down your search and find the specific ingredient with a summary of that specific ingredient. This summary contains a direct link to the official ingredient website and the suppliers website. You can contact the supplier directly for prices and regulatory status.

For Branded Ingredients Manufacturers

Branded-Ingredients.com provides a show case for branded ingredients manufacturers. It helps them get in direct contact with potential customers. Manufacturers will be informed on how many unique visitors are directed to their website. Register your branded ingredient by clicking here.