AllOlive is our olive Full Plant Profile® ingredient obtained using the innovative technology developed by Natac that concentrates the main phytochemical compounds found in the plant in a single standardised extract, respecting its original natural profile, making it a more complete extract than traditional olive extracts and significantly enhancing the extract’s effectiveness.

The natural profile of this standardised extract, allows its use at a lower dose with consistent quality.
AllOlive contains all the benefits of olive leaves and fruit in a single extract.

The AllOlive extract contains:
*20% Oleuropein
*13% Pentacyclic triterpenes
*3% Hydroxytyrosol
*3% α-Tocopherol

AllOlive is presented as a powder and is suitable for formulating food complements (hard gelcaps, tablets, etc.)

*Helps to prevent and/or reduce:
*High cholesterol and lipoprotein levels
*High blood pressure and endothelial dysfunction
*Oxidation and oxidative stress
*Type 2 diabetes and obesity